To meet your needs, we offer a range of high-end solutions in the following areas.

Network security

Network security is one of the basic elements of the information protection system. Particularly important is appropriate perimeter security, but also protection of specific segments or resources. It is important to secure network resources against both external and internal threats. This is not an easy task, taking into account the rapidly changing trends in the processing model - moving processing to the cloud, remote working, etc. Facing increasingly sophisticated attacks and at the same time increasing costs incurred by organizations that are victims of cyber attacks, the implementation of effective security becomes absolutely necessary. Today's modern network security systems must meet the requirements arising from these conditions. They must cover higher layers of ISO/OSI model, including application layer, enable full control of both protocols and network traffic, including encrypted traffic. They must be flexible and provide protection by enabling the definition of security policies strictly tailored to the requirements of a given organization. They must also enable the implementation of the "Zero Trust" model, raising the level of protection to a much higher level. Our portfolio includes such a solution. It is Proxedo Network Security from Hungarian company Balasys - a highly flexible, multi-purpose solution that provides advanced protection against threats coming from inside as well as outside the organization. It provides Deep Packet Inspection, encrypted traffic control and many other features (including interoperability with SIEM / SOAR class systems). Thanks to its flexible architecture and scripted configuration, it enables to define virtually any security policy. It also fits into the "Zero Trust" architecture.

API Security

Communication between applications using application interfaces - API has been used in IT area for many years. For a long time communication through API was used by organizations for their own systems or to communicate with the applications of key partners. Progressive standardization, availability of tools, growing needs for data exchange between applications, but also the need for easy and efficient sharing of information with customers and a number of other factors led to rapid development and growing popularity of API technology. As a result, various types of services are common today, such as shopping platforms, social media, groupware tools, etc. A number of vendors offer their products through APIs (e.g. Google, Microsoft, Facebook, etc.). API technology is also one of the key technologies in the area of cloud computing processing, sharing and exchange. Unfortunately with the growing popularity of API technology, cybercriminals are also developing their arsenal of means to break through security and steal data through APIs. Often this data is so valuable to the organization that its leakage can cause very serious, negative consequences for the business operations of the organization, its image or ability to remain competitive on the market, or even state security (in the case of government institutions or state administration). The issue of appropriate API protection begins to play an increasingly crucial role, in order to protect the organization against such incidents. Our company offers a high-end solution in this area, which is Proxedo API Security by Balasys.

Application security

Application security begins at the development, testing and deployment stages. During their operation, applications are subject to changes that must be checked for security. New vulnerabilities and new threats are also detected and must be countered. In this regard, our company offers solutions for performing automatic application tests, both static (source code) - DAST, as well as interactive - IAST and dynamic - DAST.

Security of the entire IT environment

Ensuring the security of an IT environment is a complex issue. It requires the use and combination of many technologies, from those protecting endpoints - EDR / XDR, e-mail, data - from their uncontrolled loss - DLP, privileged access management systems - PAM and backup management systems, to tools for managing security policies, as well as technologies enabling environment monitoring and responding to potential incidents - SIEM / SOAR, ending with tools for verifying the effectiveness of implemented security mechanisms - Automated Security Validation Tools. In our portfolio you will find solutions addressing all of the above aspects.

Physical security and biometric authentication methods

Physical security has virtually "always" been, and continues to be, an important part of the overall information security landscape. Solutions used in access control systems for identification and authorization of persons are becoming the same as solutions used for the same purposes in systems and applications. Our company offers advanced solutions in the field of biometric identification and authorization, surpassing the effectiveness of the most common solutions using, for example, a fingerprint, and at the same time being equally practical and easy to apply.

System solutions

Equally important, as other elements of effective security systems, is the system and system-tool infrastructure. Proven, and above all reliable, as well as effectively and continuously maintained and developed solutions in this area, are the right foundation for other specialized solutions designed to ensure information security. As an authorized partner in this area, we offer SUSE solutions, both in the area of system software and advanced solutions for building and managing larger environments using, among others, containerization and automation of processing.


API and network security
System software, containerization and processing automation